Tax Law

Tax Law covers the rules and regulations that cover the process of taxing individuals and entity for earnings and items of monetary value. Tax contributions are required to be made for earnings and income (such as salaries and investments), the transfer of property and estates, income from licensing rights and import taxes imposed upon goods transported from foreign countries. Disputes between the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and taxpayers are heard in the U.S. Tax Court. Tax attorneys represent parties not only in disputes with the IRS but also to incorporate appropriate and accurate tax planning concerning investments and expected future income and loss.


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  1. Tax Enforcement Dealing with the DOJ Tax Division on your Criminal Tax Case

    A short list of critically important things that you must know about dealing with the DOJ in a criminal tax case.
  2. Tax Enforcement The Failure To File Or Pay Tax: A Criminal Offense

    The failure to file or pay taxes may be a tax crime if the offense meets these three criteria, discussed in this tax article.